26 February 2024

Registrations SOTS 2024

Registrations for SOTS 2024 are open from 26/02. Sign up your team and expect a great adventure!

Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

Early March 2024

Extra Information

Floor plans, practical guidelines, participating circles, …
We’ll put all the info you need online!

27 March 2024

Survival of the Student!

Go for the win and enjoy the 7th edition of Survival of the Student!



€ 14,00

Included in your ticket

SOTS T-Shirt

Access to cloakroom

Drink & Snack

Amazing survival run


€ 21,00

Included in your ticket

SOTS T-Shirt

Access to cloakroom

Drink & Snack

Amazing survival run


As a spectator, you are more than welcome at our event!

Come and enjoy the great atmosphere, a snack and drink at one of the stands and bring out your best supporter skills for the participants!

Reservations are not necessary, you can stand along the entire course and have a view of the survival run.


When do registrations open?

Registrations start from 26 February and run until 25 March.
The earlier you order tickets, the more sure you will be of a spot!
If places are still available, it is also possible to buy tickets at the box office on the day itself (27/03).

Can I change clothes, shower and go to the toilet?

Yes! We provide separate changing rooms where you can change, shower and get ready for the best adventure of this semester! Toilets are available and we have a guarded cloakroom.

Is there anything to be gained? What is the concept?

Survival of the Student is all about the fun and the experience. You complete the survival trip of about 5 km at your own pace, there is no gain or time measurement on the course.
We set up a Strava Segment to be able to compare your own progress with others.

What color is the T-Shirt? What shoes can I wear?

Our T-Shirt is all white 😇
You are not allowed to wear spikes or football boots during survival.

I have a question about the tickets!

Do you want to order tickets, have you already bought them or do you have other questions that you can’t find an answer to?
Send us a message via the contact form on the organization page. We are happy to help you!

Am I insured?

If you have a valid KU Leuven sports card, you are insured.
Don’t have a sports card but want to be insured? Then buy a day ticket at the sport centre.

I’m hungry and thirsty!

Of course you need a fresh drink and a tasty snack before, during and after the survival run.
We provide, among other things, a food truck, food stand and drinks tent so that you will certainly not be short of anything!

Extra Info

Register at the site at least half an hour in advance, so we avoid long queues and unexpected surprises.

There are 20 waves between 15:20 and 18:30 with 75 places each.
When registering, you must indicate your desired wave.

If there are extreme weather conditions or it is too dark to guarantee safety when crossing the Dyle, the organization can impose an alternative route.

SOTS Updates

Check out the latest updates and info on the homepage!